Nick Arrojo - Def​ying Hair Myths

We all know that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear but sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the truth from a myth. With the help of Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Studio and author of “Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day”, we can at least set the record straight when it comes to some common hair myths. Please find below Nick’s hair myth busters.

· There’s a new trend that says you should get your hair cut every four weeks, instead of the traditional six to eight weeks. I don’t believe this for one second and neither should you. Unless your hair is super short, and you like to keep it that way, getting your hair cut within four weeks is a waste of money. A good haircut should last a minimum of six weeks before needing another trim.

· The fuller-figured woman often brings her hair forward over her face, mistakenly believing this will hide her fuller shape. It doesn’t. Bringing hair forward to the cheeks actually draws attention to the fullest part of anybody’s face: chubby cheeks! Instead of trying to disguise your shape and size, be brave, style your hair back away from your face, expose your eyes, and get the twinkle back.

· Calling out fashion faux pas is all the rage. Never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day is a common one that makes me giggle. It’s just not true. If you look great who cares what date it is?! It’s the same with hair: Don’t wear long hair over forty, people say. I disagree. As long as your hair is healthy, the style is modern, and it suits you, then wear any length you want, regardless of your age.
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