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Don't let the name fool you: SLEEKSkin is not just for the finely contoured face, It's for the taut and young, the loose and old, the scarred the splotchy, the spotted and the spotless. It's a full service collection of problem solving products specifically formulated to ease every skin woe known to woman and man.

Culled from over a decade of experiential body shaping, SLEEKSkin is the creation of SLEEK MedSpa. Since its flagship doors opened in 1999, SLEEK has challenged the very nature of MedSpa and blurred the line between clinical body sculpting and total face and body rejuvenation. Having perfected the in-office state-of-the-art treatments that improve appearances from head-to-toe, SLEEK has pooled its fine tuned wisdom of the human body and focused it with laser-like precision on a line of skin solutions tailored to replicate their cutting edge treatments. Suffice it to say that
SLEEK knows a thing or three about the beauty of skin and its malleable properties, not to mention its limitations.

Oily-acneic skin is one of the most difficult to treat however, the Oily-Acneic Skin Kit ($199.95) is effective in keeping oil in check and breakouts at bay without stripping and over dry. Clients will see a reduction in sebum and clearer complexion while forgoing the distress of harsh ingredients which dehydrate and irritate. The skin is brought back into balance.

Step 1 - De-Clog: Refine, cleanse and refresh your face with this gentle, but effective cleanser. It is enriched with Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids to reach deeply into blocked pores to rid skin of trapped oils and toxins. It will also help you maintain a clear complexion and allow exfoliants and peels to penetrate more deeply into the skin. This is the key product to use on a daily basis to keep those acne flair-ups at bay.

Note: Pump a dime-size amount into the palm of the hand; rub hands together to create a light lather and massage into skin with fingertips for up to one minute. Rinse with water and pat dry.

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil

Price: $38.95

Step 2 - Tame: Tame will control and balance facial oil. It packs a powerful punch with a blend of Salicylic, Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This product was created to help detoxify, tone and refresh the skin. The combination of acids is balanced and gentle enough to restore the skin's pH level and enhance the regeneration process of the skin.

Note: Apply to cotton pad and sweep the skin; allow to absorb before applying other treatment products.

Key Ingredients: Gingseng Extract, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel

Price: $38.95

Step 3 - Clear: Clear is a lightweight exfoliator and moisturizer in one that is ideal for all skin types. Without a hint of oiliness, it will help reduce buildup throughout the day by quickly absorbing into the skin, mattifying the surface and gently cleaning clogged pores. It will help your skin stay hydrated, mattified and clarified.

Note: Apply to clean skin and allow to dry. Apply daily or as directed.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Seaweed Bio-Peptide Extracts

Price: $78.95

Step 4 - Matte: As an advanced moisturizer, the Matte combines the natural Willow Herb and Salicylic Acid to help limit sebum production, reduce pore size and maintain a flawless complexion. It truly delivers hydration to combination, oily and / or Acneic skin while fighting off breakouts and subduing excessive oil production.

Key Ingredients: Willow Herb and Salicylic Acid


Reviewer's Notes:
As someone who has combination skin, I have a tendency to breakout on an occasion. Therefore, I was eager to give the Oily-Acneic Skin Kit a try even if it meant foregoing my usual skin care routine. I'm very pleased (and astonished) with the results that this skin treatment helped me achieve.

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