Students Can Look Gorgeous

Blow, New York’s premiere Blow Dry Bar, charged with transforming the tresses of Manhattan VIPs both, is thrilled to announce its debut of the b card, an exclusive student card for Manhattan’s elite students. The card entitles students to a 15% discount on all services as well as many other perks. Come to Blow Uptown and celebrate the week of October 5th with a complimentary back-to-school blow out! All students up to 21 are eligible (must show student ID) and offer is available from 3-8pm, Mon-Fri.

Unlike algebra and history, Blow makes this program easy to follow! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Sign Up for a B Card to Receive These Perks

- 15% discount on ALL services
- complimentary consultations
- invitations to private shopping events & beauty workshops
- VIP access to our event coordinator for all of your special party needs

Please e-mail to make an appointment. Sign up now – start seeing discounts immediately!
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