I Get Wrinkles While I'm Sleeping?!

We have sunscreen to prevent sunburn, but how do we prevent razor burn?! Get the answer on today's DermTV segment, How to Avoid Skin Irritation While Shaving. Stay tuned throughout the week as Dr. Schultz presents: How Often Should I be Checked for Sun Cancer?, Can You Get a Sunburn Through Glass Windows?, and Debunking Acne's Eight Greatest Myths.

Dr. Schultz also shared this amazing Tip of the Week:

When you think about sleeping, you usually think about it in terms of hours. For example, you slept eight hours last night. Let's however, take a step back, and think about it at a higher level. Not only did you sleep hours, but you slept 1/3 of the day. Now let's get even higher: assuming you're forty years old, you've slept for over thirteen years. And if you sleep on your side or stomach, that means your face has been, for lack of a better word, "smushed" against your pillow for thirteen years! Believe it or not, this weight against your face will create what are called "sleep wrinkles" and can even worsen existing lines. So to prevent sleep wrinkles and to help reduce existing facial lines, sleep on your back.
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